Bicore Solutions B.V. supports its clients to improve their return on innovation. Our focus is on the high tech industry sectors of ICT, Electronic & Electrical Equipment, Automotive, Life Sciences, and process industry. We serve our customers in Europe and beyond. FLIGHTMAP is Bicore’s flagship strategic portfolio management solution.

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FLIGHTMAP enables better decisions about the innovation portfolio, and leads to more value creation. The unique powerful analysis capabilities support comprehensive strategic scenario planning, road mapping, project portfolio optimization, project selection, resource and budget planning, tracking project performance, and innovation process automation. The innovative user interface and the web-based deployment options guarantee a fast implementation and adoption of FLIGHTMAP. In addition to the FLIGHTMAP solution, we offer supporting services.


Lumina Decision Systems

Analytica is a visual tool for creating, analyzing, and communicating decision models. Analytica brings a new level of clarity for decision making.

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It offers the transparency of visual influence diagrams, and the flexibility of Intelligent Arrays™ for handling multidimensional models.It supports risk and uncertainty analysis with fast Monte Carlo simulation. It lets you scale up models to handle problems that are too cumbersome or intractable in spreadsheets. Bicore is an affiliate consulting partner of Lumina, with expert hands-on experience of the Analytica toolsuite. Analytica's support for incremental modeling, concise and visual model presentation, and ease of uncertainty analysis make it our tool of choice for typical innovation management challenges such as business case modeling and advanced scenario analysis.


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